Frequently Asked Questions

For Managers & Agents

1. How does Fanswell help me help my clients?
2. What is a Manager Account?
3. How do I add my roster?
4. How do I share access with my artists?
5. What if I require a rider?
6. Is there a performance fee limit?
7. Am I required to use Fanswell to collect the fee?
8. How can I make the most of Fanswell?

How does Fanswell help me help my clients?

We know promoting your artists’ private shows in a professional manner, scheduling efficient tour routes, managing requests from fans who have lots of questions, and handling payments is extraordinarily difficult and time-consuming. Fanswell has features and functionality designed to specifically handle most of these tasks. We don’t want to get in the way of what’s working for you and your clients, but we're here to help make booking with fans easier and more profitable.

What is a Manager Account?

A Manager account allows you to add your entire artist roster and administer their accounts, all from one sign-in and password. You can give each client access so he or she can help plan tours, respond to offers, and discuss details with fans. Managers and agents have all the functionality of an artist account, and more:

  • See all your artists on one page.
  • Share access with any client you choose.
  • Plan and schedule tours up to two years in advance.
  • Receive payments directly to your office address.
  • Create double and triple-bill tours with your artists.
  • Rely on our automated emails to communicate with fans clearly and professionally.

How do I add my roster?

At the top of any page, click Artists and choose Create A New Artist. You’ll be asked to provide your artist’s name and email address, and create a password. An automated email will be sent to the artist that an account has been created with their name and email address.

How do I share access with my artists?

Share passwords you create for your artists and they’ll be able to help you manage their own tours and host discussions. They will not have access to your other artists. If a client has already joined Fanswell, just ask us and we'll help you include them in your manager account.

What if my artists require a rider?

Most artists rely on the discussion feature found on the show details page to itemize and agree on things like red jelly beans and foot rubs, and serious things like an armless chair and quiet room to prepare. Let potential hosts know that you intend to provide a rider by checking the Performance Rider box in Settings. Please make it simple, and email a .pdf of the document to the host’s address on the left side of the Discussion page. IMPORTANT: Fanswell’s User Agreement takes precedence for payment, cancellation and other policies.

Is there a performance fee limit?

Yes. Fanswell completes transactions through the site up to $10,000. If you wish to promote a tour or accept a request for a greater amount, just ask us and we’ll help facilitate the transaction.

Am I required to use Fanswell to collect the fee?

Yes, but there is an exception. Our policy is that an artist’s entire fee be processed through Fanswell, in advance. This ensures that managers receive all money agreed to; and that all Fanswell users have a consistent and stress-free experience with the protection of our cancellation and other policies. However, we tell hosts that if last-minute guests attend who didn’t buy a ticket or contribute to a crowd fund, or if guests want to tip, we are fine with money being collected at the show. See our User Agreement for more details.

How can I make the most of Fanswell?

Think creatively to make your shows special and stand out: combine your artists, add Fanswell dates between traditional tour shows, offer special rewards like Kickstarter does, or simply offer to hang out and take photos. Email Graham at to hear what’s working for other managers and artists, and please feel free to give us your feedback so we can make Fanswell even better.